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is your website management stressfull?

is your website management stressfull?

content management

Already have a website where you want to refresh the content, but don't have the time to do it, or find it complicated? At Dazzlink, we provide annual content management packages for your website, whether it is custom-built or not.

Regular updates keep your website active and the interest of its visitors alive. Your site's annual content management package may include updates such as:


  • Refresh content in banners
  • Adding new posts
  • Add edit or remove photos in photo galleries
  • Update bid pages
  • Adding, removing or updating product lists1
  • Adding, removing, or updating services
  • Blog Management - Add Article
Choose from the table below the package that best suits your website's needs
Package TitleFeaturesPrice
1 update
€ 50,00
10 updates / 1 year
€ 420,00
20 updates / 1 year
€ 800,00
40 updates / 1 year
€ 1.500,00
1In product catalog websites (exclusive package) the removal, modification or addition of up to 4 products is calculated numerically as 1 update.
*Each of the tasks listed separately is counted as 1 content refresh. Tasks done in different sections of the site are counted as 1 content refresh except content that is shared in more than 1 section.
Website refresh packages are about the changes you are requesting with content that you provide to us in digital form.
The quoted prices do not include VAT.
Need someone to update the content of your website?