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maintain your website's software up to date

annual maintenance contract

A new service from Dazzlink to ensure the proper functioning of your website. By purchasing an annual maintenance contract, we provide services that regularly check your site, so we can always guarantee that your site is running on the latest version of the CMS platform, the framework, and the add-ons (third-party software) used during the development of your website.

This ensures that your website runs properly, as all CMS (Joomla !, Wordpress, Drupal) upgrades are aimed at fixing bugs in earlier versions and to patch security vulnerabilities.

It is important to note that frequent updates help in a smooth transition from earlier versions to newer and do not jeopardize data security.


  • An Annual Subscription. Upon purchase, a dedicated API Key code is provided for Framework Framework access to the updates.
  • CMS version check and upgrade it to the newer one.
  • Framework version check and upgrade it to the latest one.
  • Plug-ins' running version check and update it to the latest one.
  • Monitoring of your website with premium tools to ensure its health and security.
  • Daily Audits of your website.
  • Weekly Snapshots of your website.
  • Verified Restorable Backups before the Updates.
  • Installation and use of awarded Akeeba Backup Tool.
  • 2 Gigabytes of web space in Google Drive for all your backup copies (max of 12 month storage for each file).
  • Complete Website Health Check after performing the updates and restore in case of software incompatibilities or other problems.
* The price applies to any Standard Web site development package made by the Dazzlink team hosted on a Dazzlink server.
The price for the service is valid provided that upgrades are made during the year. The price is borne by projects that have not been upgraded for a long time.
Upgrades to other addons that are third party software may charge the contract depending on how they are billed.
Are you in search of a reliable partner to develop and maintain your website?